Build a Website for Free Using Weebly

<p>For small businesses who have held out on creating a website due to its tremendous costs- we have a solution! Weebly, a user-friendy website builder service, is free and easy-to-use.</p> <p>After signing up with Weebly, you will be directed to their website builder. Even the most technology-challenged can build a site in little time using their ?Drag & Drop? Website Editor. Photos, text, logos, and video can be easily added to your website by simply dragging them into your Weebly website. </p> <p>Weebly not only allows you to create a website but they will also host your website for free-even if you have your own domain name. Unlike many other website providers, Weebly does not place advertising on your site. Instead they allow you to place advertisements through Google AdSense so you can earn money through your new website.</p> <p>Bottom line- there are no more excuses not to have a business website. With <a href=""rel="nofollow"target="_blank">Weebly</a>, it is virtually effortless and free. Add your BookFresh <a href=""rel="nofollow"target="_blank">online booking software</a>, and you will be increasing your revenue in no time.</p>