How to put a “Book Now!” button on your Facebook page

With the growing popularity of Facebook, it’s essential to allow your clients to book with you directly from your profile.  To do this:

  1.   Click here to install our Facebook application:  
  3.   If you’re not already signed in to Facebook, do so.  
  5.   Click the “allow” button to allow BookFresh access to your profile information.  We’ll need this in order to add a button to your profile:  
  7.   Enter your BookFresh email and password into the form, and click the “Link your BookFresh Account” button.  You’ll only need to do this once.  
  9.   Click the “Add to Profile” button.  
  11.   Click the “Add” button.  
  13.   Click the “Keep” button,  
  15.   That’s it!  

Stay tuned for an additional blog post on some of the advanced features of our Facebook application!