Square acquires BookFresh

Square acquires BookFresh

Willem, the team, and I are dedicated to building seamless appointment booking tools that connect sellers and their customers in a simple, yet magical way — which is why it was an extremely easy decision for us to join Square. Square’s mission to make commerce easy resonates deeply with us. Together, we can bring simple tools to local sellers everywhere and help them grow their business.

To our customers: You are the reason we come to work everyday and we are honored to be part of your business. We thank you, and we want you to know that not much will change for you. We will continue to provide the same great product and customer service that you have come to expect from us — but now you can expect even more. By joining Square, we have many great opportunities to make our product even better. - Evan

We’ve included a brief Q&A below.

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What’s changing for customers?
Nothing. It’s business as usual. We’re dedicated to maintaining and improving our products and supporting our customers.

Will BookFresh continue to provide online scheduling and appointment booking?
Yes, you can still manage appointments online just as you did before BookFresh joined Square.

Where can I access support help?
You can reach us at support@bookfresh.com.

Will BookFresh and Square products work with each other? When?
The products will operate separately for the time being. If you’re interested in using Square to accept payments, you can sign up at square.com.

Will I be able to access my BookFresh data in Square dashboard and vice versa?
For the time being, your BookFresh data and Square data will be separate.