Alternative Careers for Physicians

<p>Most doctors never consider alternative careers for physicians. Since they have always been employed throughout their adult lives, they don't know how to explore a career path outside the clinical field. However, there are a number of career options for physicians beyond their clinical practice. As long as you have assessed your skills, values, and interest, you can easily find a spot for yourself in one of these growing fields. The following fields are filled with opportunities for alternative careers for physicians. </p> <h3>Bioengineering </h3> <p>The growing field of bioengineering is looking for physicians who can apply engineering principles into the fields of medicine and biology. Bioengineering is a vast field because it applies its principles to all living systems, including microbiology, molecular biology, protein chemistry, pharmacology, neurobiology, immunology, and neuroscience. You are likely to find alternative careers for physicians in this field because they employ experts from various sciences and medical fields in order design diagnostic equipment, medical devices, and other medical needs that can improve patient care and raise the living standards of mankind. </p> <h3>Health Coaching</h3> <p>If you enjoy one-on-one interaction with patients and have a background in psychology, you might want to consider health coaching. Health coaching is a practice that helps individuals manage their chronic illnesses so that they can cope with the issues they have about their condition. It is very similar to traditional life coaching in that a health coach helps a patient identify obstacles, create goals, and establish personal support systems. However, a physician can also use his or her medical know-how to keep track of the patient's health. </p> <h3>Medical Journalism </h3> <p>Doctors who enjoy research and writing may thrive in medical journalism. This field involves disseminating health information and medical issues through media outlets and through the Internet. The media is often criticized for being too speculative and misleading, and this is often caused by the fact that reporters have insufficient knowledge of the issue they're covering, or the lack of time to do proper research. Many news articles on health-related topics also fail to discuss critical details like costs, risks, and evidence quality. They also tend to convey misleading information on health care, especially when reporters fail to understand the context of a clinical trial or cannot convey the results properly. As someone with actual experience in the medical field, you can restore balance to the flow of medical information in the media by being a medical journalist. </p> <h3>Biopharmaceuticals and Patent Law</h3> <p>If you like working with pharmacological substances and have a background in chemistry, you may thrive in drug development in the field of biopharmaceuticals. A number of physicians who are interested in alternative careers end up in this field because of their medical experience and technical know-how. Many former physicians also end up working on patent law. Whenever a biopharmaceutical product is created, the company applies for a patent so they can have exclusive manufacturing rights. By working on patent law, former physicians can help their company recover the investment cost of drug development. </p>

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