Becoming a Life Coach for Women

Becoming a life coach for women isn't very different from becoming a life coach in general. You still undergo the same process, the same life coach training, and the same accreditation procedures. For those of you who?d like to become a life coach, here's a quick how-to: <h3>How to Become a Life Coach</h3> <ul class="normal"><li><b>Choose Your Specialization</b> Most life coaches these days specialize in certain areas. For example, you can become a career life coach, a family life coach, or even a dating life coach. Since you're looking to become a life coach for women, you'll need to brush up on the major aspects that define a woman's life. More on that later.</li> {embed="chunklets/.ad_article_horizontal" category_id="28" landing_page=""} <li><b>Attend a Seminar</b> Before you buy a car, you take it for a test drive first. You can do the same thing with life coaching. Before you decide to undergo formal training, try attending a life coaching seminar to get a feel for the industry. If you think it's the ideal path for you, talk to the life coach after the seminar. He or she can give you tons of valuable advice on how to break into the field and building a successful life coaching career. You might even get a referral to a great course. </li> <li><b>Go to Class</b> Sign up for a life coaching course. You can find one at a local college, or online with a quick Google search. Just make sure that the course you sign up for isn't a scam.</li> <li><b>Get Accredited</b> If you attend a course that offers accreditation after you take it, then you?ve got nothing to worry about. If not, contact the ICF, CV, and/or IAC and inquire about coaching accreditation. It isn't a necessary requirement, but accreditation makes you a lot more credible, and will pull those customers in for you.</li> </ul class="normal"> <h3>Women are from Venus? But Not</h3> <p>Here's where your specialization comes in. If you want to become a life coach for women, it's important that you understand just what makes the fairer gender unique. It's not that they're strange creatures from another planet, but they go through life stages ? childbirth, for one thing ? that men could never understand. In order to be a successful life coach for women, you?ve got to know how to deal with the parts of life only women go through.</p> <h3>Know the Stages</h3> <p>Women go through many unique experiences other than childbirth. There are menstrual cycles, motherhood, and menopause to think about. As women approach their 20s to 40s, the pressures for getting married emerge and differ from woman to woman. If you can master the female psyche in each of these stages, you'll do a great job as a women's life coach.</p> <h3>Help Them Find Balance</h3> <p>Today's woman has multiple roles in her life. As her life progresses, home and work will create many concerns for her. As a life coach, it'll be your job to help her balance things out and improve the quality of her life. It's your responsibility to show her that she can be both a successful professional and a great mom. Women have a lot on their plate, and you'll be helping them keep things neat and tidy.</p>

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