Computer Repair Equipment - The Minimum Requirements

<p>The computer enthusiast must have a set of computer repair equipment so that he can fully explore a computer system and learn more when it comes to fixing computer errors. One does not need to have a complete set in order for him to do basic PC repairs and troubleshooting. Even the simplest of tools could be of significance in order to do complicated repairs. </p> <p>Although it essential to have the right tools when performing PC repair, having the minimum requirements is enough to help you save money. As you may have known, repairing a computer can be so expensive, especially if the necessary tools are out of sight, but if you have these available, you can actually do the repairs for yourself. </p> <h3>The Set</h3> <p>A computer repair kit must be foremost easy to carry along. Everything is mobile now, and you will never know when or where you are going to need the kit. Besides, if your PC repair tools are on the go, you can easily help others with their own computer problems. </p> <p>Thus said, the basic tools needed to do PC repair and other PC services consist of antistatic wristband, electrical tape, flashlight, long nose pliers, a set of nutdrivers, a set of precision screwdrivers, ratchet screwdriver with exchangeable tips, razor knife, soldering iron and desoldering pump, spare parts holder, telescoping tweezers, wire cutters, and wire strippers. </p> <p>These tools are designed for the do-it-yourself. As you may have noticed, these are also specific to hardware problems. For software problems, bring along antivirus tools and other utilities such as back-up devices, registry cleaners, disk defragmenters, and more in a CD or other removable storage device. </p> <h3>Advancing to the Higher Level</h3> <p>If you want to take being a computer technician seriously, you could also consider enhancing your computer repair equipment by adding a few additions. These advanced tools are hard case with foam liner, LAN and cable tester, line tracer or tone probe, multimeter, PCI diagnostic card, power supply tester, and punch down tool for network cables. These tools are in combination with the basic ones to go about with more difficult PC repair and services. </p> <h3>Repair and Maintenance</h3> <p>As with any other gadget and appliance, it is also important to keep computers well-maintained to preserve their quality and performance. Keeping a computer clean is as important as preventing it from getting any virus, so aside from the computer repair tools, you should also have some space in your kit for computer cleaning materials. </p> <p>The most common and the most advised among all PC cleaning equipment is compressed air. This can blow away dust, debris, and other dirt away from the fans and the surfaces of the computer components. With regular use, this can prevent a computer from overheating. </p> <p>Cotton swabs can clean parts which are rather hard to reach, such as the spaces in the keyboard, while a portable computer vacuum can be used to remove the dust build up inside the computer case. Soft cloth and monitor wipes are the keyboards, mice, monitors, and other external surfaces. </p>

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