How to Become a Life Coach

<p>A life coach is someone who sincerely likes helping people to fulfill their goals in life, and is good at it. Are you reading this because you?ve helped people in the past, or did people tell you that you have what it takes to be a life coach? If yes, read on to find out how to become a life coach and make a living with what you do naturally.</p> <h3>Know if you have what it takes to be a life coach.</h3><p> A life coach must have excellent communication skills, motivation, responsibility, credibility, leadership skills, confidence, charisma, and other qualities that make people want to come to you and listen, believe and do what you say. If you have plenty of good ideas but are the shy type who have trouble expressing what you have to say, work on your communication skills first so you can influence your clients more.</p> {embed="chunklets/.ad_article_horizontal" category_id="28" landing_page=""} <h3>Set the focus of your life coaching. </h3><p>A life coach may help people with a variety of areas in their lives, but it is better and easier for you and your clients if you concentrate on the areas where you have the most experience and training. Life coaches can specialize in aspects such as relationships, romance, families, education, stress management, wellness, career, business, finance, time management, leadership, spirituality, and any other area where clients need guidance. Do some research to find out which areas people need the most help on, and get the necessary information, skills, and experience to help them in these areas.</p> <h3>Attend life coaching trainings and activities. </h3><p> If you want to know how to become a life coach, attend an activity where life coaching is done, such as seminars, classes or workshops. You will be taught the basics of life coaching, such as how to become a life coach, as well as the business aspects of it such as how to market, how to advertise, how to set your rates, and so forth. You can also observe life coaches at work in these settings and ask for tips from some whom you admire.</p> <h3>Get training. </h3><p> You may already know the basics on how to become a life coach, such as finding people who need help in any area of their lives, telling them that you are a life coach and how you can help them, and setting appointments. However, it is also important that you get training from coaching schools and courses to enhance your confidence, credibility and coaching skills. You can find courses online or by attending coaching schools such as the International Association of Coaching (IAC) or the International Coach Federation (ICF). No matter what training school or accreditation you may choose, consider the time, the cost, and the type of training that is offered, and make sure you read about testimonials from previous trainees. </p> <h3>Set up your business. </h3><p> A life coach doesn't need a license to set up a business; though, having training from schools which gives accreditation will go a long way in setting you above competitors. By getting appropriate accreditation, you can gain the trust of more potential clients and businesses. </p> <p>Promote your business and build your clientele by writing articles, creating a website, advertising in blogs, forums, and classifieds ads, telling other people about it in social networking sites, and other methods you may think of. Clarify matters such as your place of meeting, how long services will be conducted, how much your clients will pay for your services, how to measure your clients? rate of progress, and so on.</p> <p>Becoming a life coach is a significant responsibility, which requires the best preparation and constant improvement of your craft. However, changing lives for the better may be the greatest reward for all your hard work.</p>

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