How to Establish Computer Repair Prices

<p>When you run a consulting business that involves computer repair, you usually cannot just refer to a standard list of computer repair prices online. You need to consider several pricing factors when setting up an online computer repair business.</p> <h3>Geographical location</h3><p> Service fees in urban, sub-urban, and rural areas vary. Computer repair prices in urban areas cost higher because almost all products and services being sold in the city cost higher too. Also, people in the city are usually willing to pay higher for repair service compared with rural and suburban residents. {embed="chunklets/.ad_article_horizontal" category_id="18" landing_page=""} <h3>Competition</h3><p> Another way of establishing your rates and prices would be to check with competing services. The prices at which you can offer your services should usually be within a certain range. You could perhaps offer premium services by pricing your services higher, which will give an impression that you can render far better computer repair services. But make sure that you can prove this really offer extra services with the extra price. <p>Setting a price significantly lower compared to your competitors might be bad business, too. Your target market might think of your business as unprofessional and unreliable. <h3>Services offered</h3><p> The degree of difficulty in offering varying services might also differ. For instance, software maintenance, such as virus removal, software reinstallation and the like, is time intensive. Hardware fixes like RAM upgrades, hard drive replacement, and the like, require manual dexterity and skills. Be sure you can set a price for these appropriately.</p> <p>You can also charge for repairs on an hourly basis, which can be applicable if you are doing the fixes on-site.</p> <h3>Expertise </h3><p> Expert technicians can reasonably charge higher for their services. If you have certification with software and hardware manufacturers, you might be able to charge a higher fee, and clients will be ready to pay the premium because your certification would usually indicate experience and expertise in a particular field.</p> <h3>Some Tips for Beginning a Computer Consulting Service Businesses</h3> <p>Customer service is the most important factor of success in any business. If your customers are satisfied, all else will follow, such as sales referrals and repeat sales. Giving your customers more than their expectations or more than what they paid for will make them happy. So as a beginning business, it will be helpful if you can offer a discount from your published rates. You can also provide freebies, just to spread goodwill. For instance, you can give free mousepads and USB drives to first-time customers. This can be used for good marketing, too, if you can have your company logo and contact information printed out in the mouse pad, for instance. </p> <p>You can also give referral discounts or membership rates. Remember that computer repair services are something that nobody really looks forward to acquiring, because that means something has gone wrong with one's computer. However, it's a good idea to plan ahead. So you can offer memberships to existing customers, which entitles them to cheaper rates the next time they need repairs.</p> <p>Another good idea would be warranties on your repair services. This is usually mandated by state law, but regardless of whether this is a requirement, customers would appreciate warranties, because with this you can assure them of the quality of your work.</p> <p>Computer repair prices would usually depend on your expertise and experience, and the standard for similar services in your location. If you price your services right, then you can be assured of customer satisfaction.</p>

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