Latest Technology in Business Communication

<p>Technology in business communication will continue to evolve. Businesses will persist for more effective means of connecting to partners and clients. Communication companies will always come up with innovative ideas to bring the world closer. These changes stem an increase in competition in enterprises. Business owners should therefore keep up with the ever changing communication world to be at par with their competitors.</p> <h3>Internet Phones</h3><p> Internet phones are becoming popular in the business field. This is due to the fact that Internet phones are wireless and are therefore portable. Numerous Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers have already sprouted to provide homes and businesses wireless telephone use over the Internet or through a packet-switched network. VoIP phones are increasingly adopted in telephone-based businesses like contact centers and other businesses that require limitless communication between parties. </p> <h3>Video Conferencing</h3><p> Video conferencing is also a booming business communication outlet. Video teleconferencing is an old communication system that has been used by NASA to communicate with manned space probes. The system however, was too costly to be incorporated into the business circle and into other simple everyday applications. Aside from that, facilities back then were not adequate enough to deliver a rich video telephone experience. </p> <p>The 1990s saw the rise of this system when Internet Protocol videophones were made possible. Since then, VoIP companies were put up and various software enabling video conferencing for small businesses were developed. </p> <h3>Combined Communication Devices</h3><p> Several companies that provide small businesses with IT solutions are slowly coming up with communication devices and software that combine all standard business communication means. Mega corporations like Microsoft has released a unified business communication system that combines e-mail, instant messaging, video conferencing, VoIP, and mobile communication functions. </p> <h3>Internet-based Promotion</h3><p> Business communication also involves getting in touch with clients. Traditional methods of promoting products and services include advertising through word-of-mouth, print and broadcast media, and through live networking. </p> <p>Modern promotion however, has materialized through the Internet. Businesses can now advertise online by posting banners and text ads on any website. Audio and video commercials could be uploaded to audio- and video-sharing websites. Ultimately, businesses could further their online marketing practice by putting up their own website that serves as a portal for clients to browse product and service specifications. </p> <h3>Personal Websites and Web Feeds</h3><p> Promotion and communication between businesses and their clients can also be done through personal websites and diaries called ?blogs.? These blogs function in the same way as an ordinary website but are comparatively low-cost or even free. Free blogging services are provided by a number of online providers. The content of a blog can be manipulated to suit a business or a professional's need for self-promotion. </p> <p>The use of blogs has prompted development in the utilization of web feeds. A web feed is a data format incorporated into websites or blogs to have access to updated content from other blogs and websites. These are actually a collection of links from blogs and websites that are automatically updated whenever new content is upload to the link's source. This innovation is used for self-promotion and to alert businesses of news and developments. </p> <h3>Social and Professional Media Networking</h3><p> Another developing trend in business communication is the use of social and professional networking websites. Social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook were put up with a main purpose of connecting individuals all over the globe. These however, can be expanded into communication portals between business owners and/or professionals. </p> <p>A more business-oriented social networking system is online professional networking. Professional networking services aim to establish a professional network of professionals and business people to serve as contact or referral providers. Examples of websites that render these services are,, and </p>

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