Online Guides for Finding Emergency Dentists

<p>Emergency dentists offer immediate dental services for individuals with severe dental problems and traumas such as tooth or gum infections causing intractable pain and swelling, tooth fractures, broken jaw, and missing or a knocked-out tooth. Regular dentists, at times, cannot tend to dental emergencies in an instant since they follow scheduled appointments. Emergency dentists were then established to address dental needs requiring immediate attention.</p> <p>Dentists providing emergency care often charge higher as compared to regular services. Also, the payment option is usually upfront. Other dentists would require insurance, if possible. </p> <h3>Emergency Plan</h3> <p>To avoid complications from dental emergencies, individuals and families must establish a dental emergency plan. An emergency plan would serve as a guide on what to do and who to contact in the occurrence of a dental emergency. Foremost in the plan is to locate an emergency dentist. Families and individuals could ask a regular dentist if he/she provides emergency dental services in-between appointments. Dentists may leave gaps in their schedules to accommodate patients with extreme dental emergencies. </p> <p>More often than not, regular dentists provide emergency dental care at off-office hours. Regular dentists could also refer a dentist specializing in emergency cases. The yellow pages also provide listings of emergency dental clinics or regular dental clinics with emergency services. Local clinics and university medical schools can also provide dental care at reduced rates. Ultimately, families and individuals turn to the Internet to find emergency dentists. There are a number of directories available online that can direct and help people contact emergency dentists near their area. </p> <h3>Emergency Care Directories</h3> <p><a href=""rel="nofollow"target="_blank">Magic Yellow</a> lists emergency dentists and other dentists who offer emergency dental care at off-office hours per location. The listings include the dental office, services, location, and contact number. </p> <p><a href=""rel="nofollow"target="_blank">1-800-DENTIST</a> is an online 24-hour search portal that makes it easier for individuals and families to locate a dentist. An individual would just need to enter his/her zip code and desired dental service at the search form on the front page to be directed to a list of available dentists in his/her area. The listing comes complete with the dentist's picture, details, reviews, office hours, office description, and affiliations. Dentists affiliated with 1-800-DENTIST have undergone a rigid screening process comprised of license and malpractice insurance verification and disciplinary record checks. <b>It is important to note that for dental emergencies, individuals and families should call their dental emergency hotline at 1-877-528-4242</b>(as opposed to their 1-800-DENTIST number). </p> <p><a href=""rel="nofollow"target="_blank">Emergency Dentist Directory</a> also has an online directory of emergency and regular dentists sorted out. Most of the dentists in their listings are screened to ensure availability for 24 hours.</p> <p>After determining an emergency dentist, the family or individual should access guidelines on administering first aid to persons with dental emergencies. 1-800-DENTIST provides a resource entitled Your 911 Guide to Dental First Aid where readers are oriented on the essentials of a first aid kit and what to do in the advent of toothaches, gum inflammation, and tooth injuries and traumas. </p> <p>Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at anytime. Minimizing occurrences of these emergencies can be done simply by having regular dental check-ups. </p>

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