Opportunities as a Christian Life Coach

<p>A life coach helps people get what they want from life and live to their fullest potentials by helping them overcome the fears and barriers they impose onto themselves. As a Christian life coach, you can help your clients do this by through a Biblical, faith-based approach that will remind them of the love of Jesus Christ. Finding job opportunities as a Christian life coach will be slightly easier for you because you already have a pool of prospective clients ? fellow Christians who need enlightenment from another fellow Christian. All you have to do is promote yourself as a Christian life coach capable of handling the job. Here are some tips on finding opportunities as a Christian life coach. </p> <h3>Start with your Local Church</h3> <p>The best place to start the search is your church, because people in your parish already know who you are and the services you offer. And if you are an active member of your church, chances are people will respect you and trust you enough with their life issues. There are several ways you can go about making your services as a Christian life coach known. You can post ads on your church's bulletin board with your name, contact details, and the Christian life coaching you specialize in. You can inquire if your church provides counseling to its members and make a pitch about how your experiences and tools as a Christian life coach can benefit the community immensely. Better yet, you can offer free consultations so that people can understand what Christian life coaching entails and how it can help them. </p> <h3>Partner Up with an Established Christian Life Coach</h3> <p>You don't have to fly solo throughout your career as a life coach, especially when you're unsure about the business aspect of coaching. Instead of doing everything by yourself, why not establish a partnership with an established Christian life coach? Together, you can easily make a name for yourselves, make your services known to a larger number of people, and split the work of managing your own coaching business. Of course, you should only partner up with someone you trust. If you attended life coaching classes, you have probably made a friend or two from the sessions who share your vision, passion, and coaching philosophies. Ask that person if he or she is interested in working together with you and get both your careers started. </p> <h3>Christian Life Coaching Online</h3> <p>Who says life coaching can only be done face to face? If you?d like to supplement your income, consider coaching online. As an online Christian life coach, you can reach an even wider audience of prospective clients from all over the world. For this you will need a stable internet connection and a little bit of tech savvy because you'll need to be familiar with chat programs and VoIP to be an effective online life coach. Create a website with an FAQ about yourself and your services and join an online life coach directory to gain more exposure. Before you know it, you'll be helping Christians all over the world find the meaning of life while spreading the word of Jesus. </p>

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