The Top Five Musicians Websites

<p>In the age of information and new media, musicians are very lucky. There are hundreds of online destinations that independent musicians can use to promote their music, obtain fans, and gain recognition. Although it is important to make an online presence in as many sites as you can, updating and maintain multiple profiles can be tiring. The best way to go about promoting yourself online is to focus on musicians websites with the most number of users. Below are the top five musicians websites that can catapult you into the public eye. </p> <h3><a href=""rel="nofollow"target="_blank">MySpace</a></h3> <p>Although populated by teenage scenesters and hipsters, MySpace music is still an essential website for musicians and bands. With millions of users and over 1.8 million bands with their own profiles, MySpace is a useful tool for online marketing strategies, business promotion, and getting your music heard by audiophiles looking for something fresh. If your band doesn't have a MySpace page yet, you should get one. </p> <p>To make your profile attractive, include a photo, a brief biography, and samples of your music. Unless you're only starting out, don't use MySpace as your band's main website or blog. If you?d like to make it big and your band doesn't have a website by now, consider making one. </p> <h3><a href=""rel="nofollow"target="_blank">Facebook</a></h3> <p>Creating a fan page on Facebook makes it easier to give your fans updates on tours and concerts, new releases, promotional photos, and music videos. Aside from these things, Facebook fan pages also give you extra visibility because when someone becomes a fan, that person's Mini-Feed gets a notification, enabling your band's fan page to be seen by that person's friends list. With Facebook on your mobile phone, you can also import pictures during your tour, and engage your fans with streaming video and rich media. </p> <h3><a href=""rel="nofollow"target="_blank">iLike</a></h3> <p>iLike.Com is a music service that helps users discover artists, organize their music, and share their music libraries with friends. If you?d like to gather more fans, or communicate new music to your fans, iLike is the place to go to. They provide widgets that let you update your fans about new releases, tour dates, and other relevant information. </p> <h3><a href=""rel="nofollow"target="_blank"> </a></h3> <p>Like iLike, Last.Fm is an excellent tool for promoting your music because it is a go-to musicians website for those looking for new bands or artists. Last.Fm keeps track of what users listen to and compiles a playlist of recommendations or similar music, based on their listening history. More importantly, independent musicians and artists can upload their own music so that users who like similar songs or genres can immediately hear your work. </p> <h3><a href=""rel="nofollow"target="_blank">You Tube</a></h3> <p>Last but certainly not the least is You Tube. A number of artists have been discovered and signed onto major record labels simply by uploading their videos onto You Tube and gaining a following. Every day, millions of Internet users visit the website or pass on You Tube videos to their friends. If you have any videos to share with your fans, uploading it to You Tube is definitely a must. </p>

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