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Homelessness Hurts...No one should experience homelessness. No one should be without a safe, stable place to call home.


No one should experience homelessness. No one should be without a safe, stable place to call home. No teenager should have to endure the absence of family. At Jars of Clay our first goal is saving families from homelessness. Can you imagine being homeless and have to sleep on the streets? On a bus? In a hospital waiting room? In the airport? Everyone deserves a home! We offer a housing solution to the homeless called "Home in 30" can you imagine being back in stable housing in 30 days? Well, we help 100's of people fill this dream each month. Let us help you fill your dreams with warm memories, hot chocolate! Additional support to the homeless includes: an address to use, a phone, internet and wifi, clothing and a hot shower, food and groceries, employment support and great friends to encourage you! If you are homeless, know someone that is homeless, or want to help the homeless with us....we welcome you to our third ministry expansion...The Help Center. Give us a call today: 404.228-9753 or 844-211-CLAY

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Home In 30 Orientation 1

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150 reviews of JOC HELP CENTER
orientation 1
Miriam w says: I've never been in this situation an felt a little embarrassed walking in but its a program that can really help me an my kids are scattered right now but I know it wont be long now I have hope that we will all be together real soon thank you an God Bless
Janice Francis
Janice F says: It was truly a Blessing from God. Everyone was so kind. They took their time to explain the procedures and answer questions. I felt the Love of God all in this place. Even the people that were there for assistance showed love for one another. Thank You JOC for caring. God Bless You and your Ministry.
Trust and Believe
Regina L says: It was something if I tell you about it and you need help you would have to see for yourself. God has provided a program to get my family and I into a home. And we will appreciate our own home and start living together as a family again thank u God for this program we won't be homeless for long.
Jucques B says: It was great everyone with JOC was nice. I want to say thank you to the jOC family and now looking for my own place. The thing is you have to have a jib so that you could afford your apartment or house when you move. They are here to HELP you i must but only for a year.
Feeling blessed
Kim K says: I honestly didn't know what to expect. Everything I tried up to this point was a wash and people kept closing doors in my face. It was becoming very heart breaking and tiresome. JOC has shined a life on myself and my daughter. I am hopeful now and looking forward to the new beginning my daughter and I are about to experience. Thank you so much JOC for all you do! May GOD continue to bless you!
Thankful and appreciative
Sherita W says: The JOC HELP CENTER STAFF is the BEST! I'm very thankful to God and the Staff for my opportunity!
A Blessing from God!!!!
Kourtney T says: Very Grateful for this program.... A huge weight has been lifted. Thank u all...so much
God Is Truly Amazing
Kathy T says: Joc is a wonderful place to receive informative ready to help resources to get you in home for your family and you I'm very happy that I was given the opportunity to check it.
Truly a Blessing
Kayla S says: The JOC Staff is an amazing team of people who truly do care about what you are experiencing and going through. They were the answer to my prayers. A huge weight has been lifted and I feel as though I can recover from lifes swt back. I thank you and I pray that you all are blessed ten fold.
Thankful for JOC/
lakeisha n says: Hey good morning to the whole crew member of JOC.I really enjoyef my 1st class i was truly a blessing.It was wondrfull,it was a answer to my prayer's and also answered my baby girl wish for her 4th birthday i want to thank you guys for your time out of your day to help my needs and helping me in my family to get on ours feet.i want to thank you guys again in may god bless you guys in the blessing ya'll sharing with the needed family.(I put the wrong number on my application(404-482-6412)
very happy
tiffini w says: I think they are very nice and they answer your questions to make sure you understand. I think theyre a great team you guys have recruited even down to the maintaince man. I really do appreciate your help in getting me and my family back on track.
falica l says: I really appreciated this orientation. it was exactly what I needed. everyone was very friendly and was very compassionate of our individual situations. Thanks alot!!
Tasha T says: Everyone was so polite an made it feel like home it was one of my greatest experience to be around God loving ppl it made my day praying, crying an laughter I would surely recommend another to take that first step with them... God bless the ppl put in that facility they did a fantastic gi job..Thank you
Nateefah M.
Nateefah M says: I came to JOC to get help with a couple of things and so far im happy. I tell everybody you have to put God first and he will open doors for you that you never exspected in 100 years... First thing to do is PRAY and read Psalms 91 before you go to bed and when you wake up and that will protect you in any situation you are in "BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH AND YOU WILL RECIEVE".
Patti bailey
patti b says: It was a blessing to come Yall get help an the peoples was great an very helpful to me wasn't mean at all IM going to share the word with others people may God keep blessing Yall as Yall bless others take care love yall
Great program :0)
Toccara K says: I feel like Joc is a very good program that help people who need help and give opportunities ti people.
No One Owes you Anything
Jenae S says: I have learned over the last few years that we are responsible for our own situations. Regardless of who we'd like to blame. We should not feel entitled to receiving assistance... You have to start with yourself and acknowledge where you coul have made a decision that would have put you in a different place. We promote, demote and fire ourselves. Therefore when coming here I couldn't have the mentality that THEY BETTER DO... it was more of THEY DO BETTER... giving hope for a brighter future with the expectation that we will do better. We will expand and build on what they have to offer and then give back. You teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime!
a family
Kendrea S says: I think it is a very good place to come to get help and joined a family
Very Please
Chris B says: I'm looking forward to moving into my own place very soon. With God all things are possible just believe. Don't go by what you see it's Faith that move God everything you see and hear listen and look for God in it, he work through people. JOC is the part in the Bible that says when you pray beleive it and you shall have it. They do there part, so everyone esle need to do theirs. When you go there just tell the Lord thank you. "Hot off the press" No Charge (Chris Britton)
thank you so mush
sharrie s says: Thanks to the good people at jas of clay for helping me and my child I got a place today I can move in on Friday 23,14 iam so happy I love and Pray for all at jar of clay.p.s thankfull have a good day to all
With god all things are possible...
Satrick k says: Yesterday I arrived not knowing what to expect.Over all everything went good, I got good info.The staff had a very nice and positive attitude.I'm in the process of finding a home now.So with that being said, time will tell.
Job thank u
John s says: I really do thank u for god putting me in a place to b able to enjoy life a little better with the help of joc it was a up lifting hour for me
kendra t says: It was very helpful and I thank Joc very much
experience was great
elkeshius b says: I really apperaciate all the resources that are offered and I do look forward to having greater times with the jars of clay I really believe that God is working in this place.
ramona Ollie
Ramona o says: My appointment was great and learned alot thanks ms anita
1st appointment
Thomas C says:  The class was very helpful. I feel extremely blessed to have come in contact with such an exceptional program. Keep up the great work! I'm ready to start new in MY home! Thanks again
A Great Blessing For Me.
Rosemary T says: I am thankful for the JOC program. Yesterday was my first appointment and I loved it. Now im ready to find my new home.
1st appointment
LaTonya B says: I just got into the program and I feel like they are really here for me and my family and this experience is truely a blessing for me and my family. Thank you for all your help
Title your reviewJimmetta W.
Jimmetta w says: As i set there wondering to myself i'm thinking this has to be a scam nobody cares about the homeless at all but i thank God almighty for Joc I'm asking the heavenly father to move in a super natural way on all our behalf please let us all continue to be with finding our own stable apartments or homes this has been a true blessing Lord thank you for the staff at Joc.
Denice M says: I was very satisfied!!! The staff was very informative and I am looking forward to all blessings that ar ed c to come with linking up with JOC!! THANKS
Lakeitha's says:
Lakeitha P says: I had a great experience at JOC it was very good to know that people really do care about talking care of others that really need help. the staff was very nice and answer any question that you need to be answer I think god and the great loves at JOC for helping me.
Angela Colbert
angela c says: It was a very nice experience. The staff was nice an very helpful. I was helped and I know u can be too.
GOD is so good!!!!!
Brittany H says: The staff was wonderful, completely honest and they don't waste your time they get right down to what you need and how they can get it for you. I'm so grateful that GOD has touched the heart of so many people and motivated them to help others. As soon as I'm finish with the program I wish to become a volunteer to keep giving my brothers and sisters out here a hand up!!!!
Shonterria B says: It was a blessing to find out there's still people who cares. Honestly, I didn't know what I was going to do about finding a place of my own. But J.O.C. Atlanta is helping me! Praise God!! I am so appreciative of this hand up!
Truly a blessing
janie r says: The staff was very friendly and understanding what a blessing it is to have wonderful people like Joc to help peoples who really need help like myself its a really good program for men and women and most of all the kids I really need help and they did just that on my first orientation and soon will be on my second orientation just like they say this program is not a hand out, its a hand up and it just what they said its truly a blessing to help who in need and Joc really is a helper thanks to Mrs. Anita Favor we need more help like Joc taking homeless off the streets as well as our young kids May God continues to bless us and continues to bless Joc to help others as well who need and want the help cause they sure help me. Much love to Joc
Amazingly Blessed
ladrena(dee dee) w says: I was blessed press down shaking together and running over was I ever. The greeting from out by the door gentleman was gracious and polite. Upon entering into the facility Ms. Lynn greeted us with a smile a good spirit light hearted polite then Ms Jenny greeted us with a friendly hello ladies I was super blessed not only in one area but several areas the film was good and informative clear and concise understanding oh wow I just too blessed I felt Zacchesus when Jesus invited himself to Zacchesus house I didn't mind waiting on the Lord and he showed up and out thx ladies i m looking forward to my or2 thx you Jesus for such a blessing on yesterday
true blessing
nedra w says: Great program the staff was truly a blessing sent from above.
Sent from heaven
sentwali m says: The staff there was amazing, they were very polite and courteous I am very thankful to the JOC and what they are doing fir people like me with nowhere else to turn Sentwali Matthews
New Beginning
Gabrielle H says: Thanks My Orientation was great the staff was helpful an friendly
Willing to help
LYdia C says: The staff was very willing to help. They offered additional information other than just about housing, and some of it was applicable to my other immediate needs. They gave hope to those who may have been feeling that hope was gone. I am very thankful and appreciative for their help.
JOC is a blessing
Kenisha B says: I am thankful I was introduced to your program, God knows exactly when to step in and take care ofbbusiness...Your staff kind, courteous, and helpful. I thank you for taking time out to make my family's dream of living in our own home come true.
My appointment was a blessing!
cherese p says: I was very impressed at my appointment. I feel that its what I have been waiting for so long. I feel it will take me places I've never gone before. The staff was so plesant and the information they gave was very helpful.
Orientation 1
sheila e says: Its wonderful I am looking forward my home
Shekeela S says: My experience with joc was wonderful. I am a people person. I understand the care and needs of people. Joc has made me realize how important it is too care and share. God what a blessing for jic to come into the walks of people lives. It made me want to be a part of your volunteer team. Just helping people move ahead. I have put myself in some of these people shoesand joc was there for me, so I would love to be there for someone else. Thanks JOC...
i know its god
sanlaketha b says: im so greatful for this program, as all us is or should be.it"s a blessing that could not have come at a better time. thanks joc
Thank You
Danyell F says: This program gave me inspiration. I was so close to going into depression stages.
Raven Y says: This program's design is definitely a good one. The staff was very resourceful and professional. I am happy to have had the opportunity to use their system. I would like to thank the staff for all their help.
A wonderful exprience
Chastiny K says: This program help saved my life when I was giving up they are the best so I will be giving back
C. Harris
Candi H says: This program's design is definitely a good one. The staff was very resourceful and professional. I am happy to have had the opportunity to use their system. I would like to thank the staff for all their help.
love it
Misty T says: This program is veryy helpful
Day 1- Reaching Out to Stop Being HOMELESS w/ CHILDREN
Keionna O says: I'm starting day 1 in this challenge to end homelessness in 30 days. i have faith and i dream about being in a stable home with my babies.
Orientation 1
patrice G says: This program is such a blessing in disguise. The orientation was very informative and very straight foward. All the ladies were pleasant and helpful. JOC THANK YOU!!
Works of Faith
Andrea B says: Very Informative. Very Impressed with the Cause! I PRAY God continue to Bless the JOC. I'm looking forward to the Help n Assistance and maybe I can give back thru the JOC.
Lametra Wright
Lametra W says: It was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it. Its a great stepping stone program not a handout.
Blessing for those that need it!
Keisha B says: There are many people that need a jumpstart to getting back on track. I'm thankful to GOD for a program like this! The ladies on staff were also very friendly.
ms.T Traylor
Teireionne T says: I have been homeless since November of 2013 and I was told about this organization it was a blessing to me and my kids thanks you joc and thank you for the blessing god bless you all
Diane R
diane r says: I had a great experience and everyone was nice & courtesy. I enjoyed it and this is a blessing for not just me for everyone. God is good all the time. Ms. Anita Favors is amazing.
I love the project
Shameka L says: I like everything bout the project but its jus hard for me to find a apartment also the people was nice & friendly
arlisha m says: My experience was wonderful. This is a very helpful program and I would recommend it to anyone. I've already recommended 3 people that I know needs your assistance. I'm more than excited to start my apartment search. Again thank you so much JOC this has truly been a blessing for me and my son.
God Bless JOC!!!!
Shahenia P says: My experience with JOC was awesome,and I thank God for them because I was losing my hope, but they restored it.....Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!! S.Perry
joc is amazing
shanteria j says: I thought that its wasn't any hope left..I been negative about life every since my daughter passed last here me and my seven kids been in a hotel because u lost work going in and out the hospital for my daughter but when I came to Joc they made me feel like there is hope!! I Thank the team from the bottom of my heart I'm searching for me s place now. Shsnteria jeter
nakia c says: The experience was amazing. I never knew that it was wonderful people in this world. This program is designed to help people get back on their feet. I would like to thank the JOC center from the bottom of my heart
Real Blessing!!!
starr w says: Awesome program!!!
Anonymous L says: "To whom much is given, much will be required." Praise God that he blessed you all to bless others. Like others, I'm in need of this help. I've heard about JOC through word of mouth and went online. I had an appointment on Monday and it was raining. I thought to reschedule but decided against it. Before I went into the building I was praying and ask God for his favor, and when I went in to sit down I was reading the board and in one of the steps it read "Thank God for giving you favor....good success." My experience was a blessing.
Orientation1, OMG! A Blessing! A Miracle!
Tonya H says: I went in thinking nobody is going to help me because, my credit bad, i have a good stable job, going through a divorce, no where to go.. I feel like damaged goods lost out here.. After Orientation, I feel better, praying and hoping for help. My problem now is getting approved. I pawned my title to my car, my paycheck hasn't been enough for hotel stays, etc. Im still standing by God's Grace.....
It was painless!
Tee R says: This is EXACTLY what my daughter and I need and have been praying for. I'm going back Friday with my letter and can't wait for the 2nd part of this amazing process. Thank you SO much!!
Anna K says: Thank you to the entire team you all are such a blessing to others and remember: THE BEST IS YET TO COME, everyone of you are special and GOD BLESS!!! :-)
Blessing and more
jamesha r says: My first orientation went very well and i left feeling great. I feel this is me and my family blessing that i have been praying for. Thank you God. Cant wait for the second orientation.
my first orientation
olicia w says: This program is absolutely amazing and uplifting such good spirits and energy surrounding not only the facility but the staff as well god is truly living through these beautiful woman. I will keep joc close to my heart and in my prayers. Thank you so much joc. Joc has restored my faith in people in god and in myself.
Earthly Angels @JOC.
J Patrice D says: I am thankful for the help that showed up through a co-worker grateful for JOC. I asked about the service and hesitated to sign up. Embarrassment. Then I was told I need to move. Where? How? Walk in faith. Your orientation hopeful, informative and Gracious. I did not feel judged. I have work to do and your helping hands to move on...up and out. Thank you God for your Earthly Angels @JOC.
It's not over until god says so!
Tawaya H says: I am very thankful!!! I didn't know anything about the program until I asked a friend. I was shy to ask or say anything,but now that I've open my mouth. Things has been falling in place! I love everything about JOC, from the staff on down! I can really go on an on about the wonderful things about JOC, but I'll rather you go and give them a visit an find out how good peoples are if you are in need! My stress level is down!!!!!! All I can say is JOC is the BEST, an it ain't over until GOD says so!!! Thanks JOC an STAFF!!!!! 😘👍🙏🙌
marquisha tinsley
marquisha t says: Everyone was so wonderful and nice. This is truely a blessing. It was quick and precise. . They showed that they really cares about us. Thank you
Thomasina M
Thomasina M says: They were so nice! You can tell they really did care! I thank them so much, truly a blessing. Thanks For Everything!
A blessing from God!
Brandi G says: This place is such a blessing. Ms Anita is amazing! She truly believes in you and will help you with everything. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of this!
Absolutely A Blessing
charlmonique c says: I went in thinking "so lets see what scam they running" but after talking with Mrs.Favors I quickly changes my thinking. I realized this is the blessing Ive been waiting on!
Lillian G says: Write your review I attended my orientation today and walked out happy... Tho the devil is trying to steal my joy with planting thoughts of it can't be this easy.. I am still happy over all and I thank God for Ms. Anita Favors she is an AWESOME WOMAN I THANK GOD FOR HER..... Thank you so much Ms.Favors see you at my 2nd orientation. .. God bless...
Amazing Program!
Aftan M says: Homeless is not hopeless. Through JOC and Pastor Anita Favors, I felt love, hope and like change would occur right away. Clarity was continuously given and understanding was easy! I am grateful. Thank you!
Breanna Sims
Breann S says: When i came there all my answers i had was answered i felts so good when i left there they worked with me ms favors was sweet and nice thank you so much for your help may god keep bless you to do this for people in need
The blessing it appears to be
De'Janae B says: I had my first orientation and I am already aware of how different this program is from any other in its industry. This is one place where homelessness actually feels temporary. Ms. Favors doesn't speak condescendingly and you can tell this is her calling, not her job. I'm just grateful for the experience. SN: This is not for the lazy! You must want a better life and be willing to work for it!
Brittany B.
Britt B says: Since I left my orientation all I could do is cry and hug my kids tight thanking God for his grace and thanking God for Ms. Favors and staff. I have been struggling living from shelter to shelter and been homeless for a year and three months. I am truly thankful and very appreciative of the blessings God has placed in my life. Thank you Ms. Favors and Staff for helping and believing in those who are in need. GOD BLESS YOU ALL... Thank You.💋👍⬆️
Blessing waiting to happen
Kimyatha W says: My experience with this program was just wonderful to know that it people out here who has experienced sum of the same situation they i am going through as well as others. I have never had my own place and this is an eye opener for me and my kids to experience this. Thank You Mrs. Anita and her wonderful team for the help and support they have given me and my kids.
Kim F says: I have never been through this situation before and YES it is very stressful. I would like to say thank you Ms. ANITA FAVORS and STAFF for the blessings you all have for my family and me. I am highly grateful for you even considering to look at and to accept me in the JOC program. Ms.Anita you took a big toll of me and when I came back to tell my kids what is about to happen my 15 year old had tears in his eyes of joy .Thank you for ever thing and much more to come... People out there you must prey God is listening to your prayers!!! (Shout goes to Anita Favors, Staffs and most of all GOD)!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥
An Angelic Moment
Denise J says: Oh my God, where do I began. It was a blessing from up above. The director Anita Favor is an angel sent from God with passion for helping others along with a sense of humor. Words cannot explain how I sat through the orientation with tears holding back to know that there are people who really care. All I can do is thank God for meeting one of his disciples. May God continue to bless and I will most certainly spread the GOOD NEWS....
Miracle Blessings
Anjanette B says: Seeing and hearing Anita and the JOC staff, was like listening to an angel...I could not believe it, I knew her and I went to school with her; and who would have thought I would be in a position of great hardship and embarrassment, but Anita grab my hand and dared my to shed another tear and assured me that I have hope and there is a way that my situation can change for the better. I am extremely grateful thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lynika w says: I would like to thank Ms Anita Favor for giving me hope a letting me know that my heavenly father haven't forgot about me. I never that I could get help with what I'm going through but I see now. Ms. Anita Favor has a heart of gold. Thank you for everything u getting ready to do and what you has already done for me
God is good
Trin M says: Thanks so much Anita and to your staff. I really appreciate you for everything. God bless you All
Spirit of Excellence
Ruth M says: 1st Orientation Ruth L Martin: All I have to say is awesome. All God. I thank God for Ms. Anita Favors. She is very comical, which makes it easier for you to accept where you are and to continue reaching for what you know God has and want for you. I am very grateful for her and JOC.
tawanna w says: I greatly appreciate the service that was provided to me from jocatlanta.org Home in-30 program. my experience so far overall set me in a positive position. It's a good feeling to know that there's help out there for people such as myself. That are in need of housing And finding somewhere to stay. My name is tawanna e williams I would like to think y'all in advance for the help and assistance you all will provide to Me and my kid's i am graceful.
A True Blessing
Shondra C says: All too often you find that when you are asking for help the ones that you are requesting assistance from tends to look down on and judge you. This was definitely not the case at JOC. The entire staff were all welcoming with smiling faces, friendly and seemed to genuinely care about what's going in in their client's lives and wanting to help. The process was thorough but quick. I thank God that I heard about this program and was able to get an appointment (the last appointment at that) the same day I was told about it. I pray that God spring up every seed JOC has sown in abundance and that His blessings continuously flows in the lives of those that are lending a helping hand.
My first appointment
Edonna J says: Edonna James: Honestly I felt as if I were lost. I had no hope after losing my job and apartment until I went to these amazing people. I now am more motivated to continue to press on because I feel like someone cares and is fighting for me. I sincerly thank you.
God Sent
George P says: Amazing is the word that expresses what I experienced when I attended the orientation. I did not know what to expect, never having to ask for assistance before; I had a feeling of shame before walking through your doors. When I left, I felt hopeful and inspired. Thank you
Kristian C Says
Kristian C says: This whole experience had me down and out but once I stepped in JOC helping center made me feel safe and at home already and it was just a orientation....I would like to thank Ms. Anita Favors for all she has done and still doin....This agency brings a warm welcoming to my heart....Again I wanna Thank you Ms. Favors and your team........
Kristian C Says
Kristian C says: This whole experience had me down and out but once I stepped in JOC helping center made me feel safe and at home already and it was just a orientation....I would like to thank Ms. Anita Favors for all she has done and still doin....This agency brings a warm welcoming to my heart....Again I wanna Thank you Ms. Favors and your team........
Kristian C Says
Kristian C says: This whole experience had me down and out but once I stepped in JOC helping center made me feel safe and at home already and it was just a orientation....I would like to thank Ms. Anita Favors for all she has done and still doin....This agency brings a warm welcoming to my heart....Again I wanna Thank you Ms. Favors and your team........
God is good all the time
Antonique l says: I really appreciate all the help they are giving me and my kids I fill that they truly care about my situation some agency's just dint have that warm welcomeing heart as pastor did when I came in thank you very much for all that you have done and are goin ti di for me and my family thanks to her staff as well...
Wanda S. R.
Wanda R says: And many shall call you blessed Mrs. Favors! ♥ ♥ ♥ I attended the first orientation on the 24th and I had to stop Ms. Anita to take time to say Hallelujah! I was about to burst on the inside as she explained the program and all that the program entails. My lord, my God...where are the rest of the saints that have the same type services but offer nothing or very little. I pray that this agency continues being a blessing to the many families that it serves. Ms. Anita is a prime example of the word of God when it says, that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Again I want to thank this beautiful woman of God for acts of love and kindness shown to me and everyone that was in attendance on Tuesday. Really I was thinking this was my prayers being answered and I plan to volunteer time back for the help I have been given through the awesome program. I wish there was some type of award for outstanding service, Ms. Favors sure does deserve to be honored for her service in the community. God bless JOC and the staff members for their support as well.
First Appointment
DeDe H says: I'm so blessed to know God can use people to help you. I thank Anita Favors for all she has blessed me with....
Life Changing Experience
Virquida M says: Im highly thankful for the experience I had with Mrs. ANITA Favors.. She Such A Wonderful Woman For What She Is Doing.. && May God Bless Her & Family.. Im More Than Bleesed To Been Exposed To Such Good Hearted People.. I Love The JOC..
You've giving me hope
Maranda S says: I would like to thank all the staff that helps with this program may god bless you all a hundred fold so you may continue to give people hope and encourage them I sure will like to thank y'all because I was on the edge of giving up but thanks to your program I have hope to reunite with my son thank all of you
when there's a will there's a way Amen
Jimeshia S says: This is a great program I was lucky too have found through my son's school.The staff is wonderful homelessness is a big issue and we need more people like Ms.Anita in the world.They not only help you with housing but also food,clothing,furniture,and job search so if you haven't visited the center please do so.Thankgod for this program
Jasmin B
Jasmin c says: I feel good that I can start providing for my family again...Thanks JOC
Feeling Determined
Demetria L says: After leaving my appt, I felt it gave me a sense of being and wanting to really do better for myself and my kids. Everyone was very nice and pleasant. Thanks for making this and easy and pleasant experience.
Barry Curry
Barry C says: I would like thank Ms.Favors for showing,and making me feel loved again,the program was all that and some,I actually teared up,just a little from the love and support that Ms.Anita gave the message was all love. Thanks Ms.Favors. You totally Rock!! I'm very happy that you that you made me feel that my life can be and will be put back on track.:)
Christina N says: Yesterday was great I never thought that it was someone out here to actually help me out in my time of need I'm really thankful that Ms. Favors was there for us all and to know that she wants to help out the homeless so they want have to be homeless is beautiful, loving, and caring my experience was great yesterday.. Thanks Ms. Favors!!!
Ti H says: Awesome..........wonderful experience and a great program
Ti H says: Awesome..........wonderful experience and a great program
Ti H says: Awesome..........wonderful experience and a great program
Ti H says: Awesome..........wonderful experience and a great program
gria t says: It was all gods timing. I am so thankful for this charity. The people was very nice andexplained everything thoroughly. I highly recommend them
Thank God!!!
Tammy J says: I was scared at first, but once I enter the build I was ok.... Thanks Mrs.Favors for what you are doing,and all that you can help me with. I really appreciate that big heart you have.... God Bless You!!!
Alexius w says: I attended the first appointment down, scared, and feeling alone, but I left with a feeling of hope, power, and that someone is really going to help me and my kids, also have our backs. Mrs. Favor's is such a blessing and my family and I are forever in her debts because I had no where to turn.
Good Clean Vibe
Felicia F says: I was scared at first but as Mrs Favors was explaining the program it was very good vibe an I thank Mrs Favors so much I am glad came an to this program
Vivian C says
Vivian C says: My experience was phenomenal, excellent, magnificent, and encouraging. I was in despair, and felt hopeless prior to walking in the building of jocatlanta.org. After leaving orientation and all the folks of jocatlanta.org I felt empowered, relieved, and like Miss Sophia says in the Color Purple, "There's is a God". I challenge anyone to say Mrs. Favors isn't an advocate for us that don't have a voice or that we are unheard, and no one has no compassion for us while going through eviction and homelessness. I truly beg to differ, to me that statement is false and untrue.
Sertia R
Sertia R says: Ms. Favor was very detail about the program and passionate in her work. To help people in this homeless situation you can tell that the spirit of god was leading her to help his people. I am very thankful to her for what she has done to help people like me, that is going through this hard time cause i just wanted to give up until i heard about this program.
A Real God Warrior
Amanee W says: Not only did Pastor Anita make everyone feel welcome, she also made us feel secure in the fact that we would soon have a place to call our own. She didn't make us feel like outsiders but welcomed us with open arms regardless of how we look or speak. Shes a true warrior for Christ.
Great Resource
Tisha A says: Its a blessing from God. Ms.Favors was so energetic and gave me alot of information. Its great to have people like her help in time of need. Very thankful I came I was little skeptic about coming. Obcr I enter the building good vibes was there.
Orientation 1
Nakenia W says: I really enjoyed the orientation, Pastor Favors is truly a blessing along with her staff. You will not leave the same way you came in, that's for sure. I was really touched how they really work to help anyone no matter what the situation is.
Wanda J Simmons
Wanda S says: I just hv to say praise God. Only god knew my issue but he allowed for a beautiful angle to knock on my door. God do hear our hearts and prayers. AMEN AMEN AMEN.
Orientation 1
Amanda R says: I did not know what to expect when I came to my first orientation. However, I was pleased to find that the staff was very kind and welcoming. They are truly dedicated to helping and making a difference in peoples lives. All questions and concerns were being answered and dealt with patiently and accordingly. I'm glad God opened a door in my life to find out about this awesome organization. I give specific acknowledgement to Pastor Favors! She is great!
A blessing
JuWanna R says: I went in praying and came out crying! With all the information Ms. Favors gave us, it put my faith back at the top where it started and should be.. Thank you Jesus for putting me in the position to receive this blessing and thank you for those who you put in the position to be my blessing! ! Thank you, thank you, thank you
Different clean good vibes
Dechandra J says: Ive never experienced this situation before but I must say she made me feel.more than welcome and not alone in the situation....She ms Anita Favors has avclean sporot and you can feel that she does it from her heart and I appreciate it
A true blessing
yulanda s says: Unfortunately I was evictedfrommy apt this month. l have never heardofthis program. my sisterlives in Detroit and someone there told her about the program. So i thought I would give it a try. Went to first orientation on Tuesday. It was very informative. They answered any questions that you may have. So I'm going to go look for somewhere for me and my kids to live. I'm praying that I find something.
Blessings From Above
Yolanda H says: I was nervous and excited at the same time because I didn't know what to expect at the first meeting. A door has been open for me and my kids to get a brand new start. Everyone made me feel so welcome and at home. I feel that Jars of Clay is truly a blessing to me and my kids. I received my referral letter and I am in the process of looking for our new home. Im singing praised and Thanking GOD for sending Jars of Clay into me and my kids lives.
Henrietta h says: They was great there I really rea could have got up and started shouting God is good thank you guys for everything cause I almost gave up
thanks for help
Lamekia W says: I would like to thank joc for giving me hope in a place to stay.it's Heathers getting around to look with limited income
latoya G says: I was skeptical before going and once there it was a great atmosphere. The staff was very helpful and information and service provided became the biggest blessing thus far for me. Thank you JOC and affiliates.
April k says: I was grateful about the program and thankful that we have people that are willing to help people like us,i was a little concern because of the issue i was hearing about this program,i didn't get discourage i got encourage,i have been threw alot and seen alot,people have to realize when you see availability and possibilities be gratefful and not unthankful....God said you make 1 step and I make 2 or even more. We are blessed even when we don't deserve it,his love for us all is deep and very unconditionally. Joc done a great job!!! I can't complain!! Be Blessed!!
Jasmine Jackson
Jasmine J says: I've just joined the program so I'm on the search part But it seem like they are very willing to help this is a true Blessing for me and my daughter
s. warren
sherita w says: I have waited so long w help in finding somewhere for me and family to have the opportunity to get a place to call home. God always send the rite people into your life at the right time. God is AWESOME.. THANKS TO THE JOC AND THERE STAFF
orientation 1..thankful
Jocelyn D says: I felt comfortable at my appointment...The staff was friendly...the video was very clear...I am very thankful and I have faith in God but sometimes I feel like giving up...im thankful to be apart of this program because I need the help...im prayin that everything works out in my favor!!
first appointment
Denise S says: Omg where do I start, first I made and an appointment and was seen the same day the staff was very pleasent and respectable. They made me feel as if they really cared and I'm very very thankful and blessed to have them in my life. THANKS JOC
Good 1st appointment
Tam W says: The staff was very personable and made you feel comfortable about the situation the video was very clear and informative....I think this ia a great program from what I have seen so far.
"Extremely Grateful"
lakisha J says: I've always been a hard working person so when i lost my job of 8 yrs i was devastated and since then have been through many things and being homeless and having no idea where to turn with a child is a scary situation.I'm so thankful and appreciative of the the people in this program that care about mines as well as many others current situation .I prayed for a helping hand and God sent me a hand, up not a hand out. I would just like to say thank you!!!!
This is a great program
Ms W says: I'm so thankful for this program helping me to get on my feet again! I'm a single mom and this has blessed my family so much! I thank GOD for Jars of Clay!
Big Surprise
Tia L says: I did not know what to expect and I actually that thought it was a gimmick. But the orientation was very informative and all my question were answered. JOC can help you on so many levels. My situation is a little different from most. I don't have any children and no family here in Atlanta but a few friends. And not sure about my next move but hopefully JOC can help. BIG ups to Pastor Favor
Big Surprise
Tia L says: I did not know what to expect and I actually that thought it was a gimmick. But the orientation was very informative and all my question were answered. JOC can help you on so many levels. My situation is a little different from most. I don't have any children and no family here in Atlanta but a few friends. And not sure about my next move but hopefully JOC can help. BIG ups to Pastor Favor
God blessing
Torrance P says: JOC was a great first experience for me and I appreciate the help that was provided
my first appointment
Lavern M says: Hi there, this program is great. It was very informative and i learned alot especially part about helping keep kids in school and providing for them as well during this time. I do know that the kids feel the pressure and I may even add extra pressure to them because i'm stressed living with my living arrangements... Blessings coming down... Thank you
The Blessing I Was Waiting For
Y. Tanisia H says: I have been down and out for a few years now and I have been waiting and praying for a program like this to help get me back on my feet. I have always been a self sufficient person and with the help of this program I can regain my independence and stability. I thank Ms. Favors and JOC for offering help like this to people like myself. When I thought I was stuck in my situation they really showed me that there is a way out. GOD BLESS
Exie B.
aalta b says: to experience something where they offer help based off their passion, shows that people still assist for the right reasons. i am a situation, not a number. Our Heavenly Father has a special place in his heart for JOC. Just know you are blessed and highly favored
Marisa C says: Couldn't find one person who had completed the program. Program was a mystery to me. I pray that it does work for some. What doesn't work for one can work for another. God bless.
Rip Off
Nicole G says: For those that don't know and I wish someone would"ve told me sooner. Yes you pay the $25.00 and for what really??? Yes you do get alot of hope after the first orientation but it is a complete rip off!! Most of these reviews if you notice are all only after the first orientation. The only thing you paid for was for them to give you verification letters that dont help with anything period. The numbers they give you at the 2nd orientation are numbers you can google and find on your own and when your goal is really to help the homeless your dont take money from them period!!Also when you go to orientation 2 you find out you have to call all the these places yourself and 85% of them dont have funds they will refer you to a help center that does the exact same thing you do at home and calls the same places. It was a total waste of my time and i would never recommend there services to anyone else. They are also under investigation under GA bureau for taking $25 these type of services are not supposed to charge you anything for help you are already homeless really??Good Luck if you decide to use there so called "help" but be careful who knows it might work for you???
they give u hope thats it
clarenda k says: at first I was very hopeful and I can say at the time I needed to that but they also told a bunch of liesI went in April got my referral letter took it to different apartments sum took the letter others didn't after I got approved on my on I went to 2nd orintation at joc pastor favor gave us a letter and a list with agency to help but no one had funding and the agency numbers she gave out u can get off 211 and Google search total rip off if im already homeless why take my $25
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Recent Reviews
orientation 1
Miriam w says: 
I've never been in this situation an felt a little embarrassed walking in but its a program that can really help me an my kids are scattered right now but I know it wont be long now I have hope that we will all be together real soon thank you an God Bless
Janice Francis
Janice F says: 
It was truly a Blessing from God. Everyone was so kind. They took their time to explain the procedures and answer questions. I felt the Love of God all in this place. Even the people that were there for assistance showed love for one another. Thank You JOC for caring. God Bless You and your Ministry.
Trust and Believe
Regina L says: 
It was something if I tell you about it and you need help you would have to see for yourself. God has provided a program to get my family and I into a home. And we will appreciate our own home and start living together as a family again thank u God for this program we won't be homeless for long.