Tantric & Intimacy Coach

Did you know that many of my clients contact me because they know instinctively that I can help them with their desires and needs?

For years I have studied Sacred Intimacy at various Temples across the country resulting in an unsurpassed knowledge regarding Sacred Sensual Energy. My early training included traditional Catholic and Graduate School education followed by an immersion in Spiritual/Sacred Temple Practices. After apprenticeship and becoming certified, I completed a two-year tenure mastership program.

My intent is to give you a hands-on, intuitive healing experience far more than a massage or instant gratification. As an intuitive healer(who is also a sensual loving spiritual guide and friend) I provide wisdom, exude tremendous energy and am intelligent enough to hold a conversation. Subsequently count on being opened up to an electric surge of sacred sensual and spiritual energy leaving you happy and restored.

I also provide counseling, healing and sensual coaching. This in turn will leave you feeling better and unquestionably more joyous. Obviously I love my work and take care of myself by living a healthy clean lifestyle. Likewise you will find that I am easy to talk to and totally confidential. All my sessions are conducted in a discreet, upscale location.

Generally speaking reference requests will be answered within 24 hours. As a rule I provide fast email response/scheduling and as a result have 70% repeat clients return.

Blessings to you, Ambika
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Tantra Session
In Person Session
90 minutes $480
Tantra Session
In Person Session
60 minutes $320
Phone Clearing Session - 30 Min
By telephone only!!!
30 minutes $108
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Tantra Session

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59 reviews of Goddess Ambika
Jeff B says: That was amazing :) Thank You
Burst Of Warmth!!!
Neil K says: I get little bursts of warmth that shoot through my heart whenever I think of our time together.
An enlightening experience
Ron C says: I was stressed and not sleeping well and somewhat dysfunctional as of late. One hour with the goddess and I was rejuvenated, completely renewed, and slept like a baby for the next several days. Along with that I functioned physically like I was in my twenties...lol. All after one visit. A true godsend. Ron
I could feel the love!
Jim M says: I have never encountered such a high level of service. You were so knowledgeable regarding my needs that I was left dumfounded. The high level of your intellect made being in your company comfortable, relaxing and stimulating. Now a days it is rare to find anyone who embrace spirituality, positive thinking, healthy eating and alternative healing. What a wonderful encounter and experience.
Transformational and Transcendental Experience
Steve D says: I was amazed at the intuitive nature Ambika has. While there are always doubts about the cosmic approach to the session, the results during and long after are undeniable.A holistic Ambika Moment will lift you up to heights that most of us hope to visit, however only the few will. Those few of us who see this woman that is beautiful both inside and out. Unforgetable!
Most therapeutic day I’ve ever experienced!
Steven W says: I can't express how grateful I am for your true capabilities and kind heart you showed me today. I felt like a million dollars when I left, and about $1.50 when I rolled in. I don’t really admire too many people, but you have earned a place on the short list. Today was probably one of the most therapeutic days I’ve ever experienced. After all, you did get rid of 25 curses that is nothing to sneeze at.
Can’t Express enough Gratitude!!
Max K says: I do not possess the vocabulary to thoroughly express my thanks for your time last night. I hope I have treated you nothing less than a goddess. I hope you have enjoyed my presence as much as I have enjoyed yours.
An Absolute Honor!!
Tom J says: I'm honored to have met you, it was a wonderful time
Great and The Best!!!!
Marc M says: I appreciate all the things you told me about myself and my energy in the beginning of our session. It was great, you are the best.
Best Experience Ever!!!
Chad V says: When will you be coming back to Sioux Falls, SD? Saw u last summer and it was best experience ever!
Simply Magical!!
Peter S says: Beautiful, intelligent, witty and simply magical! Ambika truly IS a goddess!
Thank You!!!!
Gary P says: Thanks SO MUCH. It was worth the perilous journey. Please stay in touch!
The Most Positive Energy Transformation
Carl R says: Bless you and namaste. The positive energy transformation was felt in here in the states and all over the world. Positive news from our son in the army and our in-laws far away.
Truly Amazing
Michael T says: Wanted to say just how amazing this woman is. She is sincere as well as talented in her profession. She is a stunningly beautiful woman both inside and out. Looking forward to my return.
The sun is shining!!!
Mark O says: Thanks again!. You are a special lady. The sun is shining again in my world!
Best Ever!
Jay T says: The best I have ever experienced! In Ambika's sensuality, professionalism and touch!
Tom G says: Just an absolutely incredible experience. This is something everyone needs to experience. Left feeling so relaxed, fulfilled, and positive energy flowing through my body. First class all the way. Sensual, erotic, sexy, professional, spiritual, everything, while making you know that you are the center of her attention 100%. Definitely will repeat.
Eye Opening
Mike M says: My visit was incredible. After the visit I was more relaxed and upbeat then I had been in a very long time. She is a miracle working. - Mike M.
New Heights and Depths Experienced
David H says: Ambika out your best positive energy and frees it to give full sensual expression. Place yourself in her presence and you will be transported to a new dimension.
Simply Awesome
dan d says: DD: This is one awesome lady that truly understands the meaning. If you have the opportunity I strongly recommend spending time with Ambika.
A true Goddess
Alex G says: A stunning beauty! Both sensual and sensuous. A true pleasure!
Definitely worth it
Tim M says: Goddess Ambika was a genuinely unique experience for me. She is a truly beautiful woman exuding confidence and experience, but vulnerable to every whim that came up in our first session. I hope to see her again soon. I am positive she will awaken even more in me.
Magical Experience!
Peter S says: What an intense and magical experience I enjoyed under your guidance! You are a very beautiful and truly amazing woman (with GREAT hair,too). I will treasure the memory of your smile, looks and experience. I am looking forward to the next time our paths cross. 'Til we meet again, be well, be safe... and be happy.
Peter F says: I was able to see those sparkles in my eyes today. I'm convinced that it is a reflection of staring at your true inner beauty! Thanks for sharing your spiritual love to me today. I will look forward to meet with you again this year!
Wildest Imagination!
David S says: It was a true delight to have spent the hour with you.  You went beyond my wildest imaginations and I will carry the memory of our time together the rest of my life.  Thanks for the moment, the energy and the passion. I don’t know if another encounter with you will surpass the one we had, but I will certainly keep it in mind.
Tomas S says: Still thinking about our time together, Magical Goddess Ambika is a true treasure. Her flawless body, her warm personality, her incredible massage (and other) skills made this an encounter that will not soon be forgotten. See her if you can.
Amazing Woman!
Stephen S says: I would to like to express my warmest gratitude for the time we shared today. You are an amazing woman who reflects the sacred feminine. I hold you in the highest esteem. Rest assured that with will go to sleep tonight  contented and at peace.
Can't wait!
James C says: Thank you so much for our session this week. Our time together was amazing and can not wait for your next visit.
Heart-felt appreciation
Chis C says: Blessings to you and my heart-felt appreciation for your attention and love during our sessions. You are so personable, sensual, and radiate beauty through your energy. It is an honor to be with you and I to feel such relaxed joy.
Off the Charts!!
Travis H says: Hi I just want to tell you how much I appreciate our session, and ever since I left my senses have been off the charts. I feel I have entered a much higher state of being. Thank you for leading there. I hope you have a safe trip to your next location. I will be anticipating your return like a child awaiting Christmas. I feel there is still more to learn, I look forward to your lessons.
Tobey M says: Ah the Goddess divine... My time with you was pleasurable and rejuvenating. I thank you for your time and ministrations. I hope our paths cross again.
Wonderful Experience!
Charles P says: Ambika, Thank you for a wonderful experience. I will remember our encounter for a very long time!
System Reset!
Michael W says: It was such a pleasure to meet you today, and the session was fantastic! It ended up being a real "system reset" for me today - I'm more balanced and centered this afternoon than I have been in months. Chances are our paths won't cross again, but I wanted you to know that I appreciate you and the work you are doing. You are doing the world and the cause of human evolution an immense service.
Donald J says: Thank you Ambika for the state of Nirvana that you left me in when our session was over. You have taken me to a new height that I never thought was imaginable. Namaste.
Renewed and full of energy!
Pat G says: I have had the opportunity to see Ambika a couple of times when she has traveled to my location. I can say that Ambika is the most gifted Tantrika I have ever met. She is intuitive in so many ways and left me feeling renewed and full of energy!
Wonderful, Great and Positive
Rob E says: Write your Thank you Ambika for a wonderful session. I left this session feeling great. You are a caring person that can make a person feel very positive.
Off the Scale!!!!
Charm M says: On a scale from 1 to 5, Ambika is an 11!! I guess that's how she became a goddess.
Profoundly Changed!
Carl C says: A look. A word. A breath. A touch. Each touches deeply. Are you ready? And will you be ready to go deeper? Those who are will be richly rewarded. And profoundly changed.
The Best Experience
Jonny G says: This was by far, one of the best experiences I've ever had. Goddess Ambika is a rare find! Treat her well.
She is passionate and real!
David H says: Ambika creates a sacred space which is filled with passion, sensuality and energy. Her guided meditation stimulated, soothed and brought my dreams to reality. When I left, knew that I had been in the presence of a special goddess.
Hottest and the Best!
Matthew J says: I had the pleasure of experiencing the wonders of Ambika during her last visit to Milwaukee. I had seen other providers, but had never gone the tantric route. Quite frankly, I didn't select Ambika because of the tantric service, but rather becuase she was the hottest provider listed on whatever provider search engine I was using. First of all, Ambika has a great natural beauty and spiritual attitude that is all centered around you. The experience was not only an sensual adventure, but something more existential, too. It's difficult to articulate, but I felt the possitive energy from my visit with Ambika for days after. Don't miss out on Ambika...she is fantastic!
Mind-Blowing Experience
Jay R says: Raising the ecstatic bar, this gorgeous woman is also intuitive, positive, enlightening, and did I mention gorgeous? I like her style, and if you click with her like I did, you will too. Needless to say, I am happy to have had the opportunity to experience Ambika, and her sacred ways. Cheers !!!
Wonderful! Wonderful!
Tom F says: My second visit with the Goddess. Even more wonderful this time. She has elevated me to a new plane.
No words to describe you need to feel her presence!
Peter O says: Sam: I just saw Goddess Ambika this week. My quest to find another person has ended. This beautiful young women is so special and her talents are boundless. Her energy is so clear and she allows you to feel your true self! She is the I AM!
The Ultimate experience
jim C says: An hour with Ambika is the most exhilirating, relaxing, energy releasing experience I've ever had. She is beautiful, talented and especially nice. I felt incredible during and after and I am still feeling wonderful. Can't wait to see her again
What a woman!
David G says: I had the pleasure of seeing Goddess Ambika twice while she was visiting. Day one was a great experience, having a beautiful woman relax me and teach me new things. Day two was even better, and I typically don't visit a provider twice within a few days, but something about her just drew me back. I look forward to her return. If you're on the fence about seeing her, hop off and run to her, you will not be sorry.
An amazing oasis...
Marty V says: Truly a rejuvenating time of relaxation and positivity....and Ambika is stunning. Definitely worth the experience. Ambika -Thanks for amazing time !!
Mark N says: In all of my years this was the best experience of it's kind. I was completely relaxed and in the moment. I was completely relaxed and rejuvenated into the next day as I write this review. Goddess Ambika is warm, sincere and beautiful inside and out. I will see her again very soon!
Positive, Positive, Positive
Bob B says: This was my second time seeing Goddess Ambika, and all I can say is the Positive energy if flowing. She was able to release the Positive energy within, and it has become apparent in my life. My business is growing and expanding in ways faster than I had imagined......You really owe it to yourself to see her!!!!
Wonderful Experience
Peter S says: I saw a posting for Goddess Ambika's visit and immediately made an appointment, somehow knowing it was something I needed to do and that I would benfit from the experience. During the session I felt that I was "letting go" of things related to my two failed marriages and a recent girlfriend relationship that ended. I felt as if a weight was lifted. The rest of the day, I felt very relaxed and at peace. Goddess Ambika told me about a recent seminar she attended related to water and we all have the ability to "bless" and transform water. I had the idea of doing this in my work as a medical professional with intravenous solutions, as they are predominately water. Ambika's description of what she sensed in me, has given me new confidence, which is a priceless beautiful gift from her. I also felt that I had much love within me, awakened by Goddess Ambika. I feel as if I was transformed.
Lon W says: I can't add anything the other reviews haven't said. Really incredible, great experience, I can't stop saying wow!
Turn the hands of time back twenty years!
joe s says: Special time,sincere and honest....
Ken W says: If you have always wanted to try a Tantra session but never have, Goddess Ambika is one of the best in the country. She is unbelievably warm and sensual and you will feel rejuvenated physically and mentally by her powerful gift of spiritual life and love. I cant wait for her to return to Milwaukee!
Mike B says: This was my second visit with Ambika and was like connecting with an old friend. She is beautiful, sweet and wise beyond her years. Incredible, transformational and best of the best don't do her justice. I was so excited to have her visit Madison again and booked and appointment immediately. Truly an oasis of joy in life - don't miss her.
Powerful and healing
Tom F says: Goddess Ambika provided a memorable blend of spirituality and sensuality that was truly healing.
Power incarnate
Santa F says: One of the most powerful women i have ever encountered - powerfully sensual, powerfully inspirational, but simultaneously down to earth and genuinely gifted. Don't pass up an opportunity to experience what this goddess has to offer.
Truely Divine
Nic E says: Goddess Ambika was a true goddess and I still think about the amazing experience I had!
Brent E says: It was an incredible experience!
Most Amazing experience!!!!
Travis H says: If there is anyone out there who is craving that extra something in life Goddess Ambika can lead you there. My recent first session was unforgettable and awakened new things I had never thought possible. Do yourself a favor and let he pamper you in this incredible art. BEST OF THE BEST =D
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Recent Reviews
Jeff B says: 
That was amazing :) Thank You
Burst Of Warmth!!!
Neil K says: 
I get little bursts of warmth that shoot through my heart whenever I think of our time together.
An enlightening experience
Ron C says: 
I was stressed and not sleeping well and somewhat dysfunctional as of late. One hour with the goddess and I was rejuvenated, completely renewed, and slept like a baby for the next several days. Along with that I functioned physically like I was in my twenties...lol. All after one visit. A true godsend. Ron